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“Yet hope lingers in our resolution tradition. Failed-resolution jokes aside, the tradition endures. Resetting the calendar symbolizes our potential to reset. Sometimes a successful woman turns back the clock. Inspiring people sustain the motivation to abandon useless habits. Renewed health brings a youthful glow. Courageous ones face the risks of calling, connecting, or community. Another one steps out of comfort to follow long-buried passions. Life revives into a golden age of prosperity. Perhaps these transformed butterflies are just enough evidence giving lasting power to the tradition of resolutions.

The butterfly rises above the banality of its own cliché because the cliché falls short. During metamorphosis, the organs of the bug come apart. Cells die and are digested, or move out of the way. The cocoon gut becomes not so much alive, as it is bug mush.

It is like a gutted remodel, pun intended.”

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2 thoughts on “You, a Vision of Revival

  1. This is my favorite piece you have written so far. I can relate to the painful shedding process, and to the hope of renewal it brings. I will save this article to reread again and again!


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