You, a Vision of Revival

Published first at “Yet hope lingers in our resolution tradition. Failed-resolution jokes aside, the tradition endures. Resetting the calendar symbolizes our potential to reset. Sometimes a successful woman turns back the clock. Inspiring people sustain the motivation to abandon useless habits. Renewed health brings a youthful glow. Courageous ones face the risks of calling,…Read more »

The Lake of Timelessness

I depart to the lake. Enclosed upon the secret Lake of Timelessness a fog rests above the motionless waters, a fog steady with the airs of permanence. The lake is ridged with mountains and pines, a firm and living stone cup, protective to the point of still waters, broken vessel though it is at the…Read more »

My Fault

I am awestruck by romanticism. The earth, powers, and governments empathize with my personal dramas. Grand newsworthy events reflect the storyline of my private life. Romantic devices are meant as literary tools for any given writer, not for my own tiny reality. I know it’s not about me. Yet Almighty moves in the magnitude of…Read more »

The Heartbreak of the Robin Eggs

Somewhere in the plains stands your basic neighborhood two story house. A wooden porch extends off the back. A vegetable garden here, a willow there in the corner where it floods now and again. There are baby rabbits, sometimes, in burrows beneath the trees. In spring, robins make their nest under the floor boards of…Read more »

Prayer like Stone

Prayer, a fatigued word. Draped with those wet blankets of ideas like feebleness, inaction and apathy. Prayer in 2017 brought a particularly tiresome reputation. Tragedy after tragedy, our overwhelming feeling of powerlessness rising, faithful and faithless alike knowing not where to turn but prayer alone. In response to the charge, I reflect that I’d pray…Read more »

Crushed Christmas

Flip backward the calendars and replay the static-ey memories from sometime in the 80’s and 90’s. A collection of pictures, as in the kind we used to stack once developed from the entire roll of film; posed family portraits mixed among the random and mostly terrible action shots. The dated furniture and décor, strings of…Read more »